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Sara Edrington, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist 

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I am a licensed psychologist with 15+ years of experience. I view therapy as an opportunity to pause and develop insight and healthy coping strategies. This facilitates development of a personal compass for moving forward. 

My therapeutic process aligns with the needs of each client. This may include shifting from strategies developed in the past that are no longer helpful, to an awareness of what motivates your decisions. This creates a foundation for an integrated sense of self, knowing what we ask of and expect from ourselves and others. 


My approach is warm and direct, supporting and challenging clients as they navigate life decisions. I feel that a basic understanding of neurobiology and utilizing mindfulness exercises can help support new patterns. Clients may then identify goals, establish intention, heal, and enhance connections with oneself and others. As all change can feel uncomfortable, I feel strongly that clients have a safe space where all thoughts and emotions are respected.

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